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Hi there!

The idea for this product hit me when I was working 11+ hour days in NYC as a Personal Assistant to an Art Dealer. I was constantly running in and out of the office. Whether I was delivering artwork (can you believe she trusted me with a Picasso?) picking up orchids, or acting as an impromptu quarterback for her young boys. I was always on the go.

One thing was certain; my job and life always required I had my phone, money, and keys on me, yet, I didn't want to be weighed down by a bulky purse and I also wanted to be hands-free. Sure, I could just get a small bag to put my things in. However, I would still have to take my phone out to use it, running the risk of dropping my phone, leaving it in a taxi, or having it stolen. None of these options sounded appealing to me- a person who could not afford yet another cracked screen, or worse, losing my phone altogether! 

So I had the idea for this product.  With a little elbow grease, I had my first prototype. I could easily run around the city without the fear of dropping my phone on the subway tracks or having it slip out of my back pocket.  It wasn't until people were stopping me on the street asking where I got my strictly utilitarian case that I realized I might not be the only person in search of just this! 

I hope you enjoy your cross-body! I've found it to be especially great for walking my dog, running errands, pushing strollers, a night on the town, and ultimately being on the go. 

OH- and I haven't cracked my phone since :) 


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